Life Mastery Workshops and Seminars

Thais Gibson Master Life Coach

Life Coaching

As a master life coach who is also heavily trained in the field of transpersonal psychology, NLP, CBT, and a variety of different therapy techniques to overcome trauma, I truly believe in the importance of creating tailored programs for each of my clients’ needs.

The way I work with clients is to first define exactly what their needs are to create a life that fulfills them. We cover each of the seven areas of life, painting a very clear picture of what success means from the individual’s perspective. We then determine exactly what is standing in their way in the form of limiting beliefs, emotional baggage, procrastination, repetitive behavioral patterns and more – so that we can transform any blocks effectively.

This allows me to work with clients to solve problems at their root cause, so that resolution has a lasting impact. Each of the tailored programs I create for clients is results-oriented and efficient, while also teaching individuals how to continuously access tools that will positively impact their lives. The idea is that upon graduating from your transformational program, you now have a lifetime of tools accessible for whatever life might throw at you. This includes ways to overcome trauma, how to process your emotions effectively, how to change patterns of behavior and internal dialogue, tools to maximize success and productivity and more!

I want to ensure that every client not only heals from any past issues, but transforms their life in a way that truly creates lasting fulfillment.

Pricing: For more about my life coaching services, packages, and prices, please contact me directly at I do work with a sliding scale, meaning that I ensure fair and affordable pricing to all individuals.